Keros Club

What is Keros Club?

VIP Members Only

The Keros Club is Bumper Collective’s most elite community. Membership is awarded to individuals who contribute the most to the platform by interacting with our creators’ projects, inviting others to discover new creators on the platform, and investing in Bumper Collective creators. As a member, there are numerous benefits including:

1. Early access to deals. In the first 24 hours of each deal, Keros members will be given first priority to invest (Keros members’ investments are processed first). On really hot deals, this could be the difference between getting to be part of the deal or not.

2. Free investment credits when you refer your friends. For every potential investor you enlist to join Bumper Collective, you will receive $1 of investment credit which can be used during the early access period.

3. Educational content which can help you become a smarter investor.

How do I join?

Create and verify

If you sign up for Bumper Collective now, you will automatically be admitted into the Keros Club. Simply sign up to create an investment account, click the verification link sent to your email, and that’s it! Sign up now, as this offer will only be available for a limited time.

How do I refer others?

Visit your dashboard

After activating your account, you will be able to view your dashboard and find the referral program at the bottom of the left toolbar. Here you will be able to see how many people you have successfully converted to investors (which is also the amount of dollars in investment credits you have earned) and how many are still guests (made a Bumper Collective account but have yet to verify through email). Click here to start earning investment credits.

Who can I refer?

Send the link

After you get to the Referral Program page, you can refer anyone you choose by simply sending them your personalized link or clicking one of our easy social media sharing buttons. Your personalized Bumper Collective link will automatically be copied into your messages and posts. Once those you referred create a Bumper Collective account AND use their email to VERIFY their account, you will receive your investment credits. Only investors/registered investors count toward your investment credits, so make sure your guests click their verification links!

Keros FAQ

You will receive your investment credit when the person you referred VERIFIES their account. Verification means that person has created a Bumper Collective account and activated it using the email link we have sent. Once again, make sure your guests click the verification link!

Using your investment credits are easy. When you are ready to invest in an offering, simply go through the investment process and select the amount that you would like to invest. When we are processing your investment, we will pull the full investment amount from your bank account. If the offering is successful, we will refund the value of your investment credits back into your bank account. Please keep in mind you must use all your available investment credits at one time. If the offering is unsuccessful, we will refund you your initial investment, and your investment credits will be restored.

Automatic entry into the Keros Club will only be available for a limited time. After that, it will be much more difficult to gain the benefits associated with being a member.


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